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A location recording company with a wealth of experience recording and producing music in many styles, genres and locations.   Geoff Ellerby, our producer, has long been associated with BBC Music. He music produced Antonio Papano’s debut as Music Director at the Royal Opera House with a highly acclaimed production of Puccini’s Madama Butterfly for BBC2. Other ROH and Glyndebourne productions for BBC and Opus Arte DVD have received 5 gold stars from BBC Music Magazine. He is Music Adviser to BBC Religious Programmes and has recorded many artistes, orchestras, choirs and bands.  Geoff, a graduate of the Royal College of Music, approaches music recording from a musicians perspective. He has worked on thousands of studio and location based sessions including the Royal Albert Hall, CTS, Air Studios, The Hospital, Covent Garden, various concert halls, cathedrals and churches.

Recording clips

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Location audio recording

Vocal recording and treatment

Classical music

Music edit - audio edut and noise cleaning

Multi-track mixing



“Every recording we make today is multi-tracked at minimum 24 bit resolution straight onto hard disk.  Whilst a guide mix can be simultaneously recorded on location, it offers total flexibility to further enhance, re-mix and clean-up recordings for final mastering.


We record choirs, orchestras, various sized ensembles, speech - interviews, voice-overs and much more in-between.”

We handle all AUDIO RECORDING requirements:


          Advice and guidance from outset

          Advice on budgeting

          Planning, scheduling & logistics

          Location recording

          Editing and mixing



          Duplication & Printing  


Format / Medium as required Stereo, 5.1 Dolby Surround, BWAV, AIFF, MP3, CD, DVD etc


We use Schoeps, Neumann, Sennheiser, DPA and AKG microphones recording onto Pyramix or ProTools as required



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